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Based aboard Cearban, we can reach most dives sites on a day charter all over the Argyll area with speed and comfort. However this page will give you some inspiration for a multi-day Hebridean diving adventure with us.

Dive Oban, RIB, Scuba

Our four day itinerary is designed give you a mixture of the excellent diving sites in the area, along with opportunities for wildlife watching and adventure. Although we can have fantastic weather during the summer, coming for a number of days builds in time and flexibility. Our ideal itinerary is listed below however if we have very good weather windows to head out into the Hebrides on certain days we will maximise the opportunity to take advantage of this!

Sea Loch, Diving, Oban, Argyll, ScotlandDay 1 – Local Diving

We will start off diving around the local area, which can include the wrecks of the Breda or Thesis. This can act as a warm up day if you have travelled from afar and with the distance being reduced you have time to sort out all the equipment niggles! Although if you’re group is dived up we start with more challenging dives in the area too. We have the options for some stunning wall dives, drifts or even marine life photography specialities.For the lesser experienced we have some sheltered areas where we can anchor the boat and give you some excellent diving but in benign conditions to get your confience up before the ‘bigger’ dives later in the trip.

Rebreather, RIB, Diving, ObanDay 2 – Sound of Mull

One of the UK’s wreck divings meccas, the Sound of Mull is know for the big four wrecks of the area. The Hispania, Rondo, Shuna and Thesis. We’ll have time to dive two of the main wrecks and some are dependant on slack water. During the day we aim to stop in Tobermory on Mull so you have time to relax there in between dives. If the group are all very keen on the wrecks then an extra day can be added here for two days diving in the Sound of Mull or substituted for the Garvellachs day.

Fingals Cave, Staffa, Dive, Snorkel, SwimDay 3 – Hebrides Experience

With some amazing experiences near us, we have the opportunity to have a day of water based adventure. We will travel around 2-3 hours out to the Hebrides, with stops along the way. We have a variety of options which can include visiting the lagoon and large seal colony, where there gulf stream washes clear Atlantic water into shell sand bays. Here the visibility is normally 10-25m. We can visit the spectacular formations of Fingals Cave where we can snorkel or kayak within the cave and even visit the local puffin colony, to experience these amazing birds close up. Close to this area are whale and dolphin grounds so this can be an option too depending on the interests of the group. During the summer months we operate Hebridean tours full time with our sister company Basking Shark Scotland.

Meldon, SS Meldon, S.S Meldon, Wreck, Loch Buie, MullDay 4 – Firth or Lorne & Garvellachs

Being based in Oban means we have everything on our doorstep, not only the local diving, the Sound of Mull and Hebrides but also the vast potential of the south. This area includes the Firth of Lorne (Special Area of Conservation) and Garvellach Islands. This area is known for abundant marine life on current washed reefs. We also have the option for exploring the slate isles, or even to the south coast of Mull and the wreck of the Meldon.

Summary Details

Hebrides, Diving, Visibility, Scuba, ScotlandThese trips are available March, April, May, the start of June and then September & October.

This four day itinerary is based on a group of 10, which is the optimal number for diving group aboard Cearban.

Price per diver £240, which can include up to 6 dives, based on three days diving.

An extra days diving which would then be a 5 day itinerary to include an added diving day in the SoM or Garvellachs would be £280.


Hubi Cave