Dive Sites

With a coastline longer than that of the whole of France, Argyll gives a huge variety of diving potential.  We have diving and snorkelling to suit all levels of experience.

Although based in Oban we can pick up in many locations round the coastline and also base ourselves elsewhere for expeditions. We spend a lot of the summer working in Tobermory and Coll for up to week so long expeditions are also a speciality of ours. In these cases we are shore-based. Combined with a fast boat you can reach far flung areas but having shore based comforts!

DIve Sites

Meldon, Dive, Scuba, Wreck, Loch, Buie, MullWrecks

The wreck diver is spoilt for choice in the area with the popular Breda right on our doorstep, along with Thesis being not too far away. The famous Sound of Mull wrecks of the Rondo and Hispania are reachable on a day trip along with our seldom dived Meldon located on south Mull also being a favourite. Distant wrecks such as the Tapti off the Isle of Coll is also achievable in good weather or on longer itineraries. There are even some Flying Boats near Oban which have recently been discovered and are awaiting exploration by divers!


Dive, Scuba, Oban. Reef, Reefs & Walls

There are many areas of stunning temperate reef  habitats such as diverse kelp forests or carpets of soft coral. We are easily able to reach the Special Area of Conservation in the Firth of Lorne where the Corryvreckan whirlpool lies. The drift dives here are an exhilarating dive for experienced divers. We also love taking people to the amazing underwater landscapes of the Garvellachs. Wall dive’s are also abundant in the area, both close to our base and further afield. Loch Sunart is also a great area for marine life enthusiasts and with sheltered waters is an excellent long weekend or week long destination.


Nudibranch, Oban, Sea, Loch, PhotographySpeciality Dives

Ranging for catching scallops for tea, to nudibranch photography, remote areas expeditions to offshore pinnacles! We are able to plan expeditions to them all. Being underwater photographers ourselves we can advise on the best places and techniques to record great piccies of your underwater adventures.


Snorkelling, Argyll, Oban, Snorkelling

We are able to cater for snorkelling groups and can have lot of great sites. These can range for interacting with common and grey seals, drift snorkelling, shallow reefs and great training areas for those not so experienced or kids.


 SHark CertSharks 

During the Jun-Aug season we run specific basking shark snorkelling trips along with combined diving and shark expeditions. We operate in one of the best places in the whole world to see these sharks. These trips are run with Basking Shark Scotland and you can find more information on this link www.baskingsharkscotland.co.uk


Hubi CaveDive Adventures

We’re not restricted to diving, we also run snorkelling trips, provide support for open water swimmers, walkers, cyclists and kayakers. We really enjoy combination trips which we call dive adventures. For those wanting a more rounded experience in Argyll and the Hebrides or for mixed groups we enjoy varied coastal exploration, by feet, fins, paddle or wheels!


Serpulid Reef, Serpula, Loch creran, reef, biogeniucMuck Diving

More associated with the likes of Lembah or Bali however in Scotland we have perfect conditions for critter diving! Our sheltered sea lochs are a unique environment that have a variety of marine life of interest to underwater photographers. Ranging from the biogenic Serpulid reefs, to the spectacular Fireworks Anemone, Nudibranchs galore, Colourful Squat Lobsters, Amphipods, Anemones, Blennies & More. We have a number of sites that are abundant in muck diving subject that will inspire even the most jaded underwater photographer!


Black, water, night, givingBlack Water Night Diving

We are pioneering this style of diving in the UK. Both at night in mid-water drifting with flood lights and  also floodlight night diving! We had some really cool experiences in 2015 and looking forward to what we can do in 2016! These trips need to be specially arranged. See the blackwater page here.