Diving with Grey Seals

Seal, Grey, Tapti, Soa, Diving, Scuba, Wreck, Mull, Argyll, Scotland

Along with lot’s of other wildlife in our area, we also have an abundance of Grey Seals. These make for playful dive buddies if approached in the correct way.

Although we do have some dive sites local to us where we can find seals,┬áthe very best experiences is found out on our expeditions to the Hebridean isles. Our preferred time to run them is in September when the water is warm and the tourist crowds have left. However the main benefit is that the seals seem to be at their most playful then, perhaps it’s related to their up and coming breeding season.

See below for a video on some of the close interactions you can have with seals (this video in particular was only snorkelling) and for information on our September expeditions then see here.