2018 / 2019 Diving Dates

2018 Diving Dates for Groups or Individuals

Through summer we move to our wildlife and basking shark specific trips, along with diving tours based around the Isle of Coll from July. (See www.baskingsharkscotland.co.uk)We can always put on midweek and evening dives if we have enough divers interested prior to this.

Winter2018 Dates

Diving Weekends

7-8th Dec

22-23rd Dec

Floodlight Weekends

22-23rd Dec

Spaces for Sat/Sun

Saturday night full

Sunday night – proposed and spaces

Festive Period 2018

Weekend of 29-30th- Day Diving & Floodlight

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2019 Diving Dates for Groups or Individuals

Specific dates below, otherwise normal diving and events posted on Facebook.

Diving & Floodlight Weekends

2-3rd March

9-10th March

16-17th – March

23-24th March

30-31st March

Falls of Lora Special

30-31st March

13-14th April

27-28th April – TBC depending on club booking