2018 Diving Dates

2018 Diving Dates for Groups or Individuals

We can always put on midweek and evening dives if we have enough divers interested but please find weekend dates below. £90 per diver per weekend (4 dives)

3-4th March – Oban Local Weekend (5 Spaces)

17-18th March – Oban Local Weekend (8 spaces)

Plan for Breda, Ard Na Cuille / Bach Island, Morvern, Loch Creran, Lismore. Likely to drifts with spring tides (fun!)

Book Now – Oban Local Weekend

10-11th March – Falls of Lora Special (Full)- dive site details here.

24th-25th March – Falls of Lora Special (4 spaces)-  dive site details here.

7-8th April – Falls of Lora Special  (FULL)-  dive site details here.

Book Now – Falls of Lora Spring Weekends

Floodlight Breda Dives – see here for details. £30 per diver.

Over March & early April weekends. Plan for Saturday but Friday if weather not good for Saturday

1st March – 18:00 Meet

2/3rd March – 18:00 Meet

09/10th March – 18:00 Meet

17/18th March – 18:30 Meet

24/25th March – 18:30 Meet

Easter – TBC

6/7th April – 20:00 Meet (after clock changes – light nights!)

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