Diving with Sharks (Spurdogs)

We’ve been working on setting up diving with spurdog sharks (Squalus acanthias) for a while (2017-2018), trialling a number of locations and times of year.

These sharks have been found to be resident in the waters close to our base but show seasonal migrations. We’ve developed a setup that allows us to attract these sharks in to dive with ranging from individuals to schools of up to 10 (so far!). The added bonus is we also see a number of different ray and catshark species too.

We’ve ran some trips for photographers with articles appearing in Scuba Diver, X-Ray, Scottish Diver & Scuba magazines so far!

In 2019 we’ll be putting on dates to book onto but we can also organise this for groups, either as a stand-alone trip or as part of a bigger diving or underwater photography trip. This can be combined with our blackwater or floodlight dives, diving with birds, seals, basking sharks etc.

In the meantime check out some clips and pics below from our trips out with the spurdogs!