Diving in Iceland

For last couple of years we’ve been leading groups of divers, snorkelers and swimmers to Iceland (under our tour company Basking Shark Scotland). Our tours are undertaken in October which avoids the summer crowds, is early enough for the weather to still be half decent and for chances to see the northern lights.

The main sites are at Silfra, where you can dive between the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates. Here you can literally touch two continents underwater in 100m viz.  Then an active volcanic lake, diving through craters in the lake bed in a jacuzzi of bubbles ands hot springs. In addition there are stops at geothermal areas, the famous blu lagoon for a soak and beer, evening photography trips for northern lights and a day sighting seeing some off the amazing icelandic waterfalls, rivers and geology.

The extended tour is an exploration tour to the north of the country which will visit some amazing places. Flights are cheap from the UK with connections from London & Edinburgh coinciding well.

2015 Dates

Thur 1st Oct – Sun 3rd Oct- Classic 3 Day Trip

Sun 3rd Oct – Thur 8th Oct – North Extended Tour

 For full information see our main tour page here.

Contact us here if you’re interest in joining us.

For some of the pictures from the trip and a video from last year see below.

Iceland Tour 2014 from Basking Shark Scotland on Vimeo.


Silfra Iceland

The rift between the two plates, filled with pure clear water


Aurora, Northern, Lights, Borealis

Amazing Northern Lights

Nic touching the two tectonic plates underwater!

Nic touching the two tectonic plates underwater!


Bubbling Volcanic Lake Bed

Bubbling Volcanic Lake Bed

Silfra, Iceland, Dive, Scuba

Teddy in the 100m viz lagoon!!!!

Swimmer in the lagoon!

Swimmer in the lagoon!